Ferris Accessories & Spares

Ferris Multi-Source Regulator

The MSR 30-Amp Regulator protects your gel, AGM or flooded batteries from overcharging. It works well with all renewable sources of power, including wind, water and solar power. The MSR features a fully adjustable voltage set point and easy to read LED status lights. Simple installation.



WP-200 Overspeed Governor

This stainless steel governor automatically prevents blade overspeeding and ensures safe operation of your WP-200 wind generator in winds up to 50 knots. Installs easily on the hub of all Ferris WP-200 Wind Generator blades.



WP-200 Brush & Bearing Spares Kit

For extended cruising and routine maintenance. Brushes and bearings are the normally wearing parts of a generator. This kit includes parts and instructions for easy replacement. No special tools are required.



Pole Mount Installation Kit

This professional Pole Mount Kit simplifies your installation and provides a SUPER STRONG mount for the Ferris WP-200 and Air Breeze wind generators.




Air Monitor

Designed based on our power system monitor platform, the Wind and Water Generator Monitor comes pre-wired ready for installation. Specifically engineered for wind and water generators.

  • 0-25 amp meter,
  • Integrated brake switch
  • Charging indicator light


This monitor is the finishing touch on any wind generator installation. Monitor ships as a panel mount design, which is compatible with our Panel Mount Box, sold separately, for surface mount applications.


Water Power Conversion Kit

Easily converts your WP-200 Wind Powered Generator into a high-output Water Powered Generator system. Use as a Wind Generator for extended stays in port and as a Water Powered Generator while under way. Includes a generator gimbal bar set, deck mount, spinner assembly, torque line & hub and spinner retrieval funnel.

Don't under-estimate the power output capability of this power system! The WP-200, Water Powered Generator System can easily produce in excess of 200 amp/hours/day while passage-making. This means plenty of power to run the electronics, auto-pilot, fridge, microwave, stereo system and lighting for the entire boat, and still have plenty of power to spare!

Originally conceived for the 1976 OSTAR, Single-Handed Trans-Atlantic Race, the WP-200 Water Powered Generator System has been used by many thousands of long distance racers & cruisers alike, since that time.


Proudly designed & built in the USA !



Description Size Ship Wgt. Price
WP-200 GOV Overspeed Governor out of stock 9 lbs. $439.00 Call for Quote
WP-200 B&B Brush and Bearing Kit 3 lbs. $49.00
WP-200 PM Kit Complete Kit w/ Poles & Hardware 65 lbs. $539.00
Pole Mount Rail Clamp Secures pole to stern rail 1" Rail 5 lbs. $99.00
WP-200 Wind Monitor Pre-Wired Monitor Panel & Stop Switch 3.5 X 6" 2 lbs $169.00
WP-200 WG-Conv Wind to Water Conversion Kit out of stock 29 lbs. $799.00 Call for Quote
WBLADE HUB Wind Blade Hub 3 lbs $89.00
MSR Multi Source Regulator out of stock 4 lbs. $179.00 Call for Quote
WBLADE WP-200 Spare Wind Blade out of stock 20 lbs $299.00 Call for Quote

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