Air Breeze

The AIR Breeze Marine is the latest design in the popular AIR Marine series. It is compact and lightweight and uses a 45” diameter, 3 blade propeller. It has slip rings, providing full wind seeking ability and is typically pole mounted on the aft deck of a boat, on a pole near a home, or attached to the side of a shed or barn. The unit boasts high output & ultra-quiet operation! No longer do you have to accept a noisy wind generator system in order to get great power output!

We recommend the marinized AIR Breeze Marine for all battery-charging applications in coastal areas exposed to the elements. The AIR Breeze is an ideal wind turbine for hybrid systems with solar to offset those cloudy or stormy periods.

  • Quiet operation
  • Nice power even in light winds, 7mph startup windspeed! 
  • Lightweight; unique design is simple and easy to install 
  • Corrosion resistant, aircraft quality paint tested to SAE J2334
  • Marine grade O-ring seal
  • Stainless steel external fasteners
  • Anodized blade hub
  • Composit blades, for substantially improved noise reduction from previous models

Hamilton Ferris Co provides sales, service, installation & replacement parts for Air Breeze Marine wind generators.

Description Size Ship Wt Price
AIR BRZ M 12V Air Breeze Marine Wind Generator 3 Blade, 45" Diameter 35 lbs $1299.00
AIR BRZ M 24V Air Breeze Marine Wind Generator 3 Blade, 45" Diameter 35 lbs $1350.00
AIR MONITOR Pre-Wired Monitor Panel & Stop Switch 3.5 X 6" 2 lbs $189.00

Air Monitor

Designed based on our power system monitor platform, the Wind and Water Generator Monitor comes pre-wired ready for installation. Specifically engineered for wind and water generators.

  • 0-25 amp meter,
  • Integrated brake switch
  • Charging indicator light


This monitor is the finishing touch on any wind generator installation. Monitor ships as a panel mount design, which is compatible with our Panel Mount Box, sold separately, for surface mount applications.



AIR Breeze Parts / Service



 AIR Breeze Mounts

We offer several mounting choices for the AIR series wind generators

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