Battery Monitors



Take the "Guesswork" out of battery monitoring!


To accurately monitor a battery’s charge level, you need to have more than a simple analog voltmeter - Voltmeters only give you a small portion of the readings needed to properly determine a battery(s) true level of charge.

Today’s battery monitor systems provide a digital readout that displays voltage, amps in or out, amp hours consumed, percentage of charge and time until discharged. The bright display provides complete battery bank status at a glance. This combination of readings allows you to accurately determine the battery(s) true charge level. Without a true battery monitor, you are literally "running blind". This is the electrical equivalent to driving your car without a gas gauge! And we all know how that ends... Sooner or later, you will get stuck because you ran out of gas!

For all of these reasons, and because your life or the life of someone else may depend on it - You need a true Battery Monitor System !

The Ferris Battery System Monitor provides comprehensive monitoring of a single battery or battery bank.

The FBM will completely ELIMINATE the GUESSWORK from determining your batteries’ true state of charge.

Electricity only seems mysterious because we can't see it. But with the proper battery monitoring system, electricity and its effects become completely visible. Todays monitors provide all of the vital information you need to know about your electrical power system, for daily usage & for system testing or trouble-shooting.



We offer affordable panel meters that allow you to keep track of the charging rate of any power source, the consumption rate of any appliance, and the voltage of DC battery banks, AC shorepower, or gen-set. We also offer an option for you to custom build your own Power System Monitor (PSM). The PSM is an affordable way to get a handsome, professional panel, built exactly the way you want it.

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