Air Breeze Service Parts

Service & Replacement Parts for Air Breeze Wind Generators.


Description Size Ship Wt Price
AIR BRZ Nose Replacement Nose Cone 3 lbs $20.00
AIR X Nose Replacement Nose Cone 3 lbs $20.00
AIR BRZ Blades Replacement Blades Set of 3 12 lbs $139.00
AIR BRZ Blade Hdw Replacement Air Breeze Blad Hardware Nuts, washers, bolts 1 lbs $15.00
AIR BRZ Hub Replacement Hub 2 lbs $65.00
AIR BRZ Hub Nut Replacement Hub Nut 1 lbs $15.00
AIR BRZ Face Bearings Replacment Bearings Set of 2 2 lbs $40.00
AIR BRZ Face w/Bearing Assy Replacment Face & Bearings 4lbs $100.00
AIR BRZ CIR Replacement Circuit Kit 12V 5 lbs $230.00
AIR BRZ Potentiometer Replacment Potentiometer 2 lbs $39.00
AIR BRZ Stator-12V Replacement Stator 12Volt 10 lbs $219.00
AIR BRZ Rotor Replacement Rotor 10 lbs $215.00
AIR BRZ Yaw Assy Replacement Yaw Assy includes sliprings 5 lbs. $145.00
AIR BRZ Yaw Bearing Replacement Yaw Bearing 3 lbs $20.00
AIR MONITOR Pre-Wired Monitor Panel & Stop Switch 3.5 X 6" 2 lbs $169.00
Stop Switch Wind Gen Stop Switch 50A 1 lbs $40.00
AIR BRZ M 12V Air Breeze Marine Wind Generator 3 Blade, 45" Diameter 35 lbs $1095.00
AIR BRZ M 24V Air Breeze Marine Wind Generator 3 Blade, 45" Diameter 35 lbs $1150.00
Misc Hardware / Part Misc Part N/A Call for Quote
Installation Wind Gen Local Installation N/A Call for Quote
Service Air Breeze Service N/A Call for Quote
AIR BRZ CIR Replacement Circuit Kit 24V $230.00

Air Monitor

Designed based on our power system monitor platform, the Wind and Water Generator Monitor comes pre-wired ready for installation. Specifically engineered for wind and water generators.

  • 0-25 amp meter,
  • Integrated brake switch
  • Charging indicator light


This monitor is the finishing touch on any wind generator installation. Monitor ships as a panel mount design, which is compatible with our Panel Mount Box, sold separately, for surface mount applications.



AIR Breeze Parts / Service

We offer fast in house troubleshooting, service, and repair for most AIR wind generators. Please call to schedule an appointment.



 AIR Breeze Mounts

We offer several mounting choices for the AIR series wind generators

Air Breeze Mizzen Mount   

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