Solar Mounting Solutions

Mounting Systems

Rail Mounts

Perfect for mounting solar panels in rail mount, davit mount or "over the bimini" mount installations.These versatile, heavy duty rail mount clamps attach to a variety of rail sizes, by simply tightening the thumb screw. The quick release design allows fast, easy removal for storage. Fits 3/4", 1" & 1-1/4" rails. Sold in pairs & includes stainless mounting hardware.

This semi-custom kit attaches your solar panel to any boat rail in seconds.


Ferris Solar Davit Mounts - Pivoting

Universal Pivoting Davit Mount design allows you to mount solar power on any set of boat davits. The included Rail-Mount Clamp Kit, provides simple rotation/ adjustment for up to a 200 watt solar panel.


Ferris Solar Davit Mounts - Fixed

Our Fixed Davit Mount allows you the freedom to install multiple panels for the power you need. These universal kits can also accommodate large panels up to 400 watts. Complete instructions allow you to install this kit on your own for a custom look at a fraction of the custom cost.  


Ferris Stanchion to Stanchion Mounts

A unique, universal design - The SSM-1, solar mounting system attaches a horizontal stainless tube between two vertical stanchion posts. The included Rail-Mount Clamp Kit attaches the solar panel to the included stainless tube. Rugged design and easy installation make this a favorite. Specify panel make and model.


Side of Pole Mount

A single solar panel, side of pole mount, for most solar panels. Four sizes available to fit solar panels from 13" to 26" wide. The item number dictates the size of the panel - Ex. SOPM-2.5-13 equals a Side of Pole Mount for solar panels having a surface area of up to 2.5 square feet, and a width up to 13".


Z-Brackets For Flat Surface Mounting

As the name implies, the Z brackets look like the letter Z, in that they are formed aluminum, flat roof mounting brackets for solar panels. Perfect for small solar panels or arrays that are being attached to a building or an RV roof. Kit includes four Z brackets and hardware. For solar panels above 100 watts, we recommend 2 kits per panel.


Ferris Solar Arch Mounts

Our Universal Arch Mount kits allow you to mount a solar panel on any arch. More info to come...


Aluminum Ground or Roof Mounts

Our AGRM Mounts are designed to endure tough conditions. The pair of 84" aluminum channels allow mounting of all large-frame solar panels. Simply divide the rail length by the width of the solar panel to determine how many will fit per rail. For larger arrays, we offer a splice bar to attach 2 rails together. Call for more info.


Solar Wiring Accessories

From custom cables to additional fittings, we have the accessories you need for your installation


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