Ferris WindPower 200

Wind 10-15 Knots...Batteries Full...Thanks, Ferris!

The rugged Ferris WindPower 200 has a host of advantages over other models on the market. All WP-200 Wind Systems deliver high charging power in relatively low winds starting in a 5-knot breeze, as well as super-QUIET operation even in high winds. Unattended, fully automatic operation is achieved with our Overspeed Governor and Multi-Source Regulator.

The FERRIS WindPower 200 Wind Generator consists of:

  • A Ferris High Output DC Generator
  • A 60" Single Piece Wind Blade
  • Top Quality Marine Mounting Configuration
  • A Ferris Wind/Water Generator Monitor
  • Diode Fuse Holder
  • Stainless Steel Hardware and Fasteners


WP-200 Pole Mounted Wind Generator

This unit has slip rings for full wind-seeking ability and is commonly mounted on a pole on the aft deck of a boat or near a house. Pole mount installation kit sold separately.

WP-200 Rigging Suspended Wind Generator

This model raises like a jib in the fore-triangle or on a backstay of a boat. It is perfect for combination wind/water systems as it is easy to convert and allows for clear decks on a long ocean passage.

All models can easily convert to a Water Powered Generator for long ocean passages. The WP-200 can be used on its own or in combination with other charging sources such as a High Output Alternator or a Solar Charging System.  

 The WP-200 Easily Produces Over 200 Amp Hours Per Day! 

Proudly designed & built in the USA !

Description Size Ship Wt Price
WP-200 PM WP-200 Pole Mounted Wind Generator 60" Blade 55 lbs $1599.00
WP-200 RS WP-200 Rigging Suspended Wind Generator 60" Blade 65 lbs $1499.00
WP-200 PM PKG Pole Mounted Wind Generator Package System 55/45 lbs $2609.00
WP-200 RSW PKG Rigging Susp. Wind/Water Generator Package System 55/45 lbs $2879.00

WindPower 200 Packaged Systems

Harness the power of the wind!

These Wind-Powered Packages take the guesswork out of system design and installation. Each package includes the reliable WP-200, 20 Amp Wind Powered Generator, Multi Source Regulator, Wind/Water Generator Monitor which shows charging output and our Overspeed Governor for high wind speed protection. This combination provides a complete and professional installation.

Rigging Suspended System With Water Generator Conversion -

System 200 R/S/W Components:

  • Ferris WP-200 20 Amp Generator
  • Rigging Suspended Framework
  • Ferris Multi-Source Regulator
  • Wind/Water Generator Monitor
  • Overspeed Governor
  • Brush & Bearing Spares Kit
  • WaterPower Conversion Kit


Pole Mounted System With Pole Mount Installation Kit -

System 200PM Components:

  • Ferris 200-WP 20 Amp Generator
  • Ferris Multi-Source Regulator
  • Wind/Water Generator Monitor
  • Overspeed Governor
  • Pole Mount Installation Kit
  • Brush & Bearing Spares Kit



Proudly designed & built in the USA !


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