Water Power 200 Systems & Packages

Probably one of the most under-rated pieces of marine charging equipment, the Water Power 200 has the ability to supply all of the electrical demands of most cruising sailboats, while passage making! Compared to solar panels that only work during the sunlight hours, or compared to a high output alternator that only produces power when the main engine runs, the WP-200 Water Powered Generator produces power 24 hours a day while underway.

The base Water Power 200 Generator System has an effective operational hull speed range of up to 7 knots. For usage above that speed, or for operation in steep and following seas, we offer several options all designed to help keep the spinner assembly submerged. Contact us to discuss the best options if your hull speeds are out of the effective operational range.

The Water Power 200 Generator Package with Spares contains the Water Power 200 System along with a Multi Source Regulator, a spare Torque Line, a spare Spinner, a Brass Spinner Weight, and a Brush & Bearing Kit to rebuild the unit while underway, if ever needed.

Don't under-estimate the power output capability of this power system! The WP-200, Water Powered Generator System can easily produce in excess of 200 amp/hours/day while passage-making. This means plenty of power to run the electronics, auto-pilot, fridge, microwave, stereo system and lighting for the entire boat, and still have plenty of power to spare!

Proudly designed & built in the USA !

Description Availability Ship Wt Price
WP-200 WG PKG W/ SPARES WP-200 Water Generator System Package w/ Spares out of stock 55 lbs N/A Call for Quote
WP-200 WG WP-200 Water Generator System out of stock 31 lbs. N/A Call for Quote
MSR Multi Source Regulator out of stock 4 lbs N/A Call for Quote
WP-200 RS CONV Rigging Suspended Wind Powered Conversion Kit out of stock 45 lbs N/A Call for Quote
WP-200 DP Diving Plane out of stock 4 lbs. N/A Call for Quote
WP-200 B&B KIT WP-200 Brush & Bearing Kit 3-5 days 3 lbs. $49.00

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