Water Power 200 Options & Cruising Spares

The items below are optional, spare or replacement parts for the FERRIS WP-200 Water Powered Generator Systems.










Proudly designed & built in the USA !


Description Usage Ship Wt Price
75' TLINE 75' Torque Line Up to 6 kts 5 lbs $159.00
100' TLINE 100' Torque Line 6 kts & up 7 lbs $179.00
TLINE HUB Torque Line Hub Replacement 1 lbs $49.00
SPINNER WP-200 Spinner Replacement 15 lbs $299.00
BR WT Brass Spinner Weight Helps keep spinner submerged 4 lbs $79.00
FUNNEL Spinner Retrieval Funnel Replacement 4 lbs $30.00
WP-200 B&B WP-200 Brush & Bearing Kit Rebuild Parts 3 lbs $49.00
WWGM Wind/Water Generator Monitor Replacement 5 lbs $189.00
DFH Diode/Fuse Holder Replacement 4 lbs $59.00
WBLADE HUB Wind Blade Hub Replacement 3 lbs $75.00
WBLADE 60" Wind Blade out of stock 20 lbs N/A Call for Quote
MSR Multi Source Regulator out of stock 4 lbs N/A Call for Quote
WP-200 DP Diving Plane out of stock 3 lbs. N/A Call for Quote
WP-200 GENERATOR WP-200 Generator out of stock 20 lbs N/A Call for Quote

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