Solar Wiring & Accessories

Solar Rail Mount Clamps

MC4 Custom Cable Kit

Create custom length solar cables utilizing our MC4 waterproof, quick release connectors. In addition to creating custom length cables or extension cables, this kit also allows you to shorten cables, eliminating excess cable bulk. This makes for a clean & professional installation. Each kit includes: A heavy duty MC4 Crimp tool, MC4 Assembly tool, 2-Male & 2-Female MC4 connectors, 15' of 10AWG solar cable, HFCO assembly guide. 



MC4 Connector - Multi-Packs

Solar Rail Mount Kit

The ideal addition to our MC4 Custom Cable Kit above. We offer extra MC4 connectors in 2-Pair Packs, 4-Pair Packs or 6-Pair Packs. Each Multi-Pack contains 2, 4 or 6 pairs of replacment MC4 Ends. Whether putting the finishing touches on your installation or replacing a damaged MC4 end, having these MC4 connectors on hand, ensures your job goes smoothly every time. Compatiable with all SolarFlexx, all F-Series and many other solar panels.

*Installation requires our MC4 Crimp tool below. MC4 2-Pack shown at right.

Solar Rail Mount Clamps



MC4 Branch Connector Sets

Our MC4 branch connector sets are the perfect solution for wiring multiple panels together in parallel, utilizing our weather-proof MC4 connectors. Choose between 2-into-1, 3-into-1 or 4-into-1 branch connectors. Each connector set consists of a pair of branch connectors.


Solar Rail Mount Kit


MC4 Cable Set

High quality 10AWG marine rated, tinned copper, solar output cable. This multi-stranded solar cable comes equipped with MC4 connectors for a simple tool free connection to your solar panel. Call for custom lengths and configurations. 

Description Ship Wt. Price
MC4 Custom Cable Kit Custom Cable Kit 6 lbs. $79.00
MC4 2-Pair Pack 2-Male / 2-Female 1 lbs. $9.95
MC4 4-Pair Pack 4-Male / 4- Female 1 lbs. $16.95
MC4 6-Pair Pack 6-Male / 6-Female 1 lbs. $22.95
MC4 Crimp Tool HD Crimp Tool 5 lbs $49.00
MC4 In-Line Diode 10A Diode - Each 1 lbs. $19.50
MC4 2-into-1 2 into 1 Connector 2 lbs $29.50
MC4 3-into-1 3 into 1 Connector 2 lbs $34.50
MC4 4-into-1 4 into 1 Connector 2 lbs $49.50
MC4 Cable Set 20' 20' 10/2AWG 4 lbs. $69.00
MC4 Cable Set 30' 30' 10/2AWG 5 lbs. $89.00
MC4 Cable Set 40' 40' 10/2 AWG 6 lbs. $109.00

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