Solar Battery Maintenance Kits

NEW - Solar Battery Maintenance Kits


Our professional quality Solar Battery Maintenance Kits are designed to keep your batteries protected from normal self dishcharge and for "over the weekend" to "over the winter" storage.

Batteries naturally give up a portion of their charge during storage or periods of non-use. Boats that sit unattended have batteries that suffer from the draw of a bilge pump that periodically cycles. The Battery Maintenance Kit can handle that. Many smaller boats, both sail and power, may not have any battery charging system at all. A Battery Maintenance Kit can keep those batteries charged and ready to go when you are!

Our Solar Battery Maintenance Kits were designed for small to mid-sized battery banks of up to 250 A/hrs, to Keep Batteries Charged.Panel Perch

Each BMK contains everything needed for a complete installation. The solar panel mounts easily to the deck or to any flat surface.

We offer BMK kits in 2 sizes, The BMK 10 watt kit and the BMK 25 watt kit - Both do a great job of keeping your batteries charged.

It has long been said that most batteries do not die their death due to natural causes - Instead, batteries are murdered !

A battery that sits in a discharged state typically suffers from sulfation, which is a crystalization of the battery plates, so nothing is able to pass thru the plates any longer. Prolonged sulfation leads to a battery that gets destroyed, and needs to be replaced. Often times, that replacement is many years before a replacement should have been due.

The addition of our Battery Maintenance Kit will extend the useful service life of the battery(s) by keeping the battery(s) in a fully charged state. In many cases, you can get years more service life from the battery(s), by keeping them properly charged.


Our Battery Maintenance Kits include everything needed for an easy installation:


  • F-10 or F-25 Watt Marine Grade Solar Panel -

  • PowerBoost Mini 10, 10 Amp Waterproof Solar Charge Control -

  • 15 Feet of Marine Grade Wire -

  • Deck Plug & Socket -

  • Z-Brackets - (Flat Surface Mounting Feet) -


An optional Rail Mount Kit is available for the F-10 and F-25 Battery Maintenance Kits below, to conveniently mount the solar panel on a 7/8 or 1" rail. The panel is easily removed by simply loosening the thumb screw on the rail mount clamp.



Mount Panel Dims A/H/Day Watts Price
F-10-BMK-F Flat Mount 12 x 14" 4 10W $199.00
F-25-BMK-F Flat Mount 23 x 14" 8 20W $239.00
SRM-1 Rail Mount Rail Mount Bar/Clamp For Above Solar Panels $69.00


Flat Mount Shown    



Optional Rail Mount Kit Shown





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