Off Grid Home - Packages

"Weekender" Solar Power Package -

Sized for the weekend cabin or remote cottage in mind, this power system is the perfect size for a weekend retreat with minimal power draw. Simple installation gets you up and running quickly.

The system includes:

  • (2) F-100 Solar Panels - 200 Watts 
  • (2) Z Bracket Roof Mount Kits
  • (1) Ferris PowerBoost 15 Solar Control
  • (3) Group 27 AGM Batteries (300 A/Hrs)
  • (4) #2 Battery Interconnects
  • (1) GP-1000 Watt Inverter
  • (1) 10' #2 Inverter Cable Set
  • (1) Inverter Fuse Block
  • (1) BC-1 #2 Fuse Cable


"Small Home" Solar Power Package -

Sized for a vacation or remote home with light electrical demands. This system uses a 400 watt solar array to charge a hefty, 600 A/Hr bank of sealed AGM batteries. It is complete with a digital battery monitor system and a robust 1500 watt inverter/charger. All the necessary components for a safe and simple installation are included.

This System Includes:

  • (4) F-100 Solar Panels - 400 Watts
  • (1) 4 Panel Flat Roof Mount
  • (1) PowerBoost 30 MPPT Charge Control
  • (1) Ferris Battery Monitor - Box Mounted
  • (3) 4D AGM Batteries - 600 A/Hours
  • (4) #2 Battery Interconnect Cables
  • (1) MM-1512, 1500 Watt Inverter/Charger
  • (1) 1/0 x 10' Inverter Cable Set
  • (1) Inverter Fuse Block & (2) BC-1, 1/0 Shunt, Fuse Cables


"Large Home" Solar Power Package -

Sized for the larger electrical demands of an off-grid remote or island home. This system is the big brother to the "Small Home" Power System, with double the solar charging capacity (800 watts) and a full 1000 amp hours of AGM deep cycle battery power. This package with its 2500 watt inverter/charger, is a power system capable of handling the larger loads of most remote homes.

This System Includes:

  • (8) 100W Solar Panels - 800 Watts
  • (2) 4 Panel Flat Roof Mounts
  • (1) Ferris Battery Monitor - Box Mounted
  • (5) 4D AGM Batteries - 1000 A/Hours
  • (1) ME-2512, 2500W Inverter/Charger
  • (1) PowerBoost 50 Solar Controller
  • (1) 10' x 2/0 Inverter Cable Set
  • (8) 1/0 Battery Interconnect Cables
  • (1) Inverter Fuse Block
  • (2) BC-1, 2/0 Shunt/Fuse Cables
 These packages are cost-effective, pre-engineered Solar Power 
Packages designed for 3 typical levels of off grid power.

Description Approx. A/Hrs/Day Solar Wattage Battery A/Hr Price
Weekender 200 Cabin Power Pkg. 70 A/Hrs/Day 200 Watts 300@12V $2399.00
Small Home 400 Small Home Power Pkg. 140 A/Hrs/Day 400 Watts 600@12V $4999.00
Large Home 800 Large Home Power Pkg. 280 A/Hrs/Day 800 Watts 1200@12V $8499.00
Weekender Pre-Wire Board Mount & Wire $550.00
Small Home Pre-Wire Board Mount & Wire Up $800.00
Large Home Pre-Wire Board Mount & Wire Up $800.00

Concerned about how to hook all this stuff up?

Well, Don't Be ...

Hamilton Ferris Co can pre-wire your system for you, dramatically streamlining your installation time. We "pre-fab" and professionally board mount & wire all of the system components for you, saving you countless hours of wiring & installation time. When complete, we fully test each power system. Then we strip the inverter from the board and ship the balance as a completely wired setup. When you receive the system, you hang the board on a framed wall then mount the inverter to the board. All of the balance of the system controls, wiring, monitoring, safety fusing, etc, is already done. The pricing for this service is shown above.

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