F-Series, Framed Solar Packages

FERRIS F-Series 50W, 100W, 175W and 200-Watt Solar Panels are now available!

F-Series Packages Range From 50-800 Watts!

Designed specifically for our marine and off grid customers, the F-Series panels excel in harsh environments and are backed by a 20-year warranty. Industry standard MC4 connectors provide a weatherproof, quick release disconnect and a streamlined hookup. For boats, the F-Series panels are perfect for mounting on Rails, Davits, Stern Arches and Hard Tops. For Off-Grid applications, the F-Series panels work great for cabins, sheds, barns or any other type of building, where commercial power is not available. We also offer a number of newly updated "Solar Mounting Solutions" designed specifically for use with our F-Series solar panels. 

  • Hi Efficiency output
  • Designed for off-grid use
  • Rugged construction
  • Built-in Blocking Diodes
  • Reliable Quality
  • Designed for HFCO Solar Mounts
  • Our Packages Include Everything Needed


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Description Panel Size Total Watts A/H/Day Output Price
F-50 Panel Panel Only 26.4 x 20.9" 50W 20 A/H $199.00
F-100 Panel Panel Only 44.5 x 19.9" 100W 39 A/H $299.00
F-175 Panel Panel Only 58.6 x 26.5" 175W 65 A/H $399.00
F-50-1 Package House Bank Maintainer 1x 50W 50W 20 A/H $559.00
F-100-1 Package Weekend Fridge 1x 100W 100W 39 A/H $659.00
F-175-1 Package Weekend Fridge Use+ 1x 175W 175W 65 A/H $759.00
F-200-2S Package Runs Fridge Full Time 2x 100W 200W 78 A/H $959.00
F-300-3S Package Runs Fridge Full Time + 3x 100W 300W 117 A/H $1329.00
F-350-2S Package Extended Crusing 2x 175W 350W 130 A/H $1239.00
F-400-4S Package Live Abord Seasonal 4x 100W 400W 156 A/H $1639.00
F-525-3S Package Live Aboard Full TIme 3x 175W 525W 202 A/H $1739.00
F-700-4S Package Serious Power 4x 175W 700W 273 A/H $2149.00
F-200 Panel Panel Only 64.6 x 26.6" 200W 78 A/H $449.00
F-200-1 Package Runs Fridge Full Time 1x 200W 200W 78 A/H $839.00
F-400-2S Package Live Abord Seasonal 2x 200W 400W 156 A/H $1369.00
F-600-3S Package Live Aboard Full TIme 3x 200W 600W 234 A/H $1999.00
F-800-4S Package Live Aboard, Ext'd Cruising 4 X 200W 800W 312 A/H $2499.00
Custom Package Custom System Any Size Any Wattage Any A/H N/A Call for Quote
Shadow-Guard System Shadow Protection For Each Addl Panel After The First $299.00

F-Series Packages - Using 50, 100, 175 & 200-Watt Solar Panels

The powerful F-Series solar packages have been designed to be easily installed on any boat, remote cabin, out-building or RV roof. The packages all include: F-Series solar panel(s), a Victron MPPT solar charge control, Z-Bracket surface mounts, output wiring, and a waterproof thru deck fitting. Warranty - 20 years on solar panel / 2 years on controller.


These Systems Include:

  • Proven System Design
  • Powerful Marine Grade Solar Panel(s)
  • Rugged and Reliable Components
  • Victron MPPT Solar Charge Controller
  • Complete Set-up & wiring guide


Have Shadows?   Then You Need "Shadow-Guard" !

Designed specifically for all F-Series and Solarflexx packages using 2 or more solar panels. Shadow-Guard optimizes your system protecting you from the power robbing effects of shading on part of your array. Shadow-Guard is available as an add-on accessory to all of our solar packages. Typically done upon the initial installation, the Shadow-Guard option provides a seperate Victron MPPT solar controller for each solar panel, along with the additional components and wiring needed to create individual "home-run" wiring paths. Choose one Shadow Guard package for each additional panel in your system after the first. For example: The F-300-3S Package would require (2) Shadow-Guard packages, to properly protect all three panels.   


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