Davit Mount - Fixed

Our Fixed Solar Davit Mount Kit allows you to mount your solar panel package to virtually any set of davits. With newly re-designed clamp-on or bolt-on mounting options, you can now affordably mount multiple smaller solar panels side by side, with the length of the solar panels, running with the length of the boat. Or if you prefer a larger single solar panel, say in in the 175 to 300 watt range, the length of the panel will run across the beam of the boat. In either scenario, the solar panels are held securely to the framework of the Fixed Solar Davit Mount.






Model Style Davit Size Price
FSDM-B-1/1.25 Fixed Solar Davit Mount Bolt-on 1"-1.25" $329.00
FSDM-B-2 Fixed Solar Davit Mount Bolt-on 2" $329.00
FSDM-B-3 Fixed Solar Davit Mount Bolt-on 3" $379.00
FSDM-C-1 Fixed Solar Davit Mount Clamp-on 1" $419.00
FSDM-C-1.25 Fixed Solar Davit Mount Clamp-on 1.25" $419.00
Upgrade 8' Support 8' Support Bar Package upgrade $69.00
Solar Panel Corner Protectors Set of 4 Corner Protectors $11.95

 Solar Panel Corner Protectors

 Solar Panel Corner Protectors

The aluminum framed corners of most solar panels are generally, quite sharp and potentially very dangerous. Protect your equipment, lines, and yourself with these specially designed solar panel corner protectors. Universal size - Trim-to-fit. Sold as a set of 4. Attaches easily using double sided tape or for more permanent bonds use 4200 or 5200 adhesive.

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