PWM Solar Controller

Ferris Solar Monitor & Regulator - SMR

The Ferris SMR is an easy to read, flush mounted solar charge control that displays the charging current of your solar panel(s) while protecting the battery(s) from overcharge. The full scale ammeter provides charging current readout, at a glance. The SMR is available in a 5 and a 10 amp format. Both SMR's have dual isolated outputs. This unique feature allows you to charge two separate battery(s) or battery banks at the same time, while keeping them electrically isolated. Years of proven reliability, ease of installation & low cost make the SMR an industry favorite.

An optional surface mounting box is available.



Small Solar Controls

Designed for smaller installations, these solar controls are 100% solid state, compact and very affordable. They are completely encapsulated in epoxy for extreme weather durability and are housed in a small surface mount chassis. Choose the model with the ratings best suited for your installation and power requirements. 5 year warranty.


The PV-7D solar charge controls are dual isolated output models designed to charge two separate battery banks, at the same time. Proven weatherproof encapsulation provides reliability in the harshest environments. Simple 5 wire hookup, complete with inline fusing, make this controller a great choice for a fast, reliable installation.

Description Size Ship Wt. Price
SG-4 4A, 12V Control 2H x 2W x 1"D 2 lbs. $59.00
SMR-10D 10A, 12V Dual Output 3.5H x 6"W 4 lbs. $279.00
SMR BOX SMR Surface Mt Box 3.5H x 6"W 2 lbs. $29.00
PV-7D 8A, 12V, Dual Output 2 x 1.5W x 1"D 2 lbs. $99.00
SS-10 10A, 12V Control 6W x 2H x 1.5"D 4 lbs. $99.00
SS-20 20A, 12V Control 6W x 2H x 1.5"D 4 lbs. $169.00

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