Remote Repair

We've designed Remote Repair as a tool to allow us to troubleshoot, diagnose & repair problems without actually being on site. 

With you serving as our eyes, ears & on the job hands performing simple tests & checks, we are able to solve most problems quickly. Remote Repair is a cost effective option to having a technician come to you. These days, finding a local and knowledgeable technician can be challenging and expensive which is why we are now offering this service.  

Remote Repair costs $100/hr with a 1 hour minimum, paid at the time of your order. We will do our best to get your problem solved quickly.

Though not a guarantee, we are very proud of our 96% success rate at solving most problems within the first hour.

  • During the first 5 minutes of the conversation we will identify your issues to see if your problem qualifies for remote repair.


  • Remote Repair can be done over the phone or by email. Time on the phone, via email, doing research, etc, all contribute to the total time on your job, which we track.


  • The minimum fee our remote repair service is $100. After 1-Hr. the call is billed based on $50 /30min blocks.


  • Most issues are resolved within a 1-Hour session.


Disclaimer Rate Price
Remote Repair Please review below disclaimer hr/ $100.00


Hamilton Ferris Co Inc offers this Remote Repair Service as a tool to help customers solve DC electrical problems, without having a technician on site. Because we are not actually on site, we are not able to see, hear, touch, feel, etc any aspects of the problem we are attempting to diagnose. As a result, we rely solely on the customers accurate input to us, as they are on site, to be our eyes, ears & hands & to employ common sense while doing this work.

You know your abilities better than anyone else - If you do not have the mechanical ability to feel comfortable using common hand tools or the electrical ability to feel comfortable using common electrical tools to perform the simple checks & tests that we will need you to do, you should NOT purchase or use this Remote Repair Service. Instead, you should consult a qualified electrician to do this work for you.

Hamilton Ferris Co Inc assumes no liability for consequential damage, including any aspect of injury and/or damage to persons or property. The person(s) actually performing the “hands on work” assumes this liability.

By purchasing this Remote Repair Service, you agree to hold Hamilton Ferris Co Inc harmless for any and all liability associated with this service, and you agree to assume any and all liability associated with this service.

Once you have read & agree to the Liability Disclaimer above, contact our office so that we can gather your information & schedule a time to get started. 

~We look forward to assisting you.

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