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Ferris Diesel Charger - Open Frame

Ferris Diesel Charger - Open Frame

FDC-150M & 75A/24VM

The FDC is the base marine unit, without all of the extras that we build into the FDC ME series. A raw machine producing up to 150 amps of power, and you add only the options you need.

Standard Features:

  • FDC 150 Amp Alternator
  • FDC 75 Amp, 24 Volt Model Available
  • 12V Electric Starting
  • LOW Fuel Consumption - 1 Pt/Hr
  • 100 Hours Between Oil Changes



  • Racor Fuel/Water Filter
  • Fuel Pump (req'd. unless gravity fed)
  • 3-Step Smart Regulator System


Proudly designed & built in the USA !


Type Dimensions Ship Wgt. Price
FDC-150M 150A - Open Frame 25.5" x 13.25" x 15.75" 150 lbs. $7199.00
FDC-75/24VM 75A, 24V - Open Frame 25.5" x 13.25" x 15.75" 160 lbs. $7899.00
Racor Fuel/Water Filter 8 lbs. $149.00
Raw-Water Pump Electric 3Gal/min $249.00
12V DC Fuel Pump 6 lbs. $159.00
MC-614 Regulator 12V Smart Reg & Harness 4 lbs. $359.00
MC-624 Regulator 24V Smart Reg & Harness 4 lbs. $429.00

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