Blue Sea Circuit Components

Battery Selector Switches

Our 2-bank selector switch is smaller than a standard switch, yet handles more current. Features Battery 1, 2, both & off positions with full 360 degree switch rotation.

The On/Off master switch is used for controlling a single battery bank.

The BS-3000, a new heavy duty master On/Off switch capable of 550 amps is a perfect battery disconnect for large inverters, or large diesel engines. 

Heavy Duty Busbars

Use these tin-plated brass positive busbars to consolidate multiple negative wires, to create a positive busbar or for feeding multiple circuits. Screw type, stud type and dual busbars are described below.

Power Posts

Power Posts allow a number of cables to branch out from a central positive connection, or a number of negative return cables to be consolidated into a single point. Join 2 cable runs or tap into existing runs to create a new branch circuit.

600A Power Bars

Use these multiple post, 600 amp busbars when a single power post just isn't enough. Power Bars are fabricated from a solid block of tinned copper with either four or eight 3/8" studs. They accommodate even the large ring terminals used on 4/0 cable.

Power Distribution & Splicer Blocks 

Power distribution blocks split primary power into secondary circuits, or join multiple cables from a solar array to a common power lead-in cable.

Splicer blocks connect two wires of the same size, or of different sizes together.

Proudly designed & built in the USA !


Specifications Dimensions Ship Wgt. Price
BS-9001 Switch 1, 2, Both Switch 4" x 4" 5 lbs. $58.00
DB-175 Power Distribution Block 3 lbs., $40.00
BS-2107 HD Pwr Bar 600A PowerBar, 8 Stud 11" x 2" x 2" 12 lbs. $185.00
BS-2104 HD Pwr Bar 600A PowerBar, 4 Stud 7" x 2" x 2" 6 lbs. $124.00
BS-2011 MPwr Post Mini PowerPost 1/4" 1 lb. $12.00
BS-2003 Pwr Post 400A PowerPost 3/8" 3 lbs. $16.00
BS-2702 Dual Bus 20-Screw Dual Bus, 100A 1.8" x 5" 3 lbs. $33.00
BS-2701 Dual Bus 10-Screw Dual Bus, 100A 1.8" x 3" 3 lbs. $26.00
BS-2303 BusBar (4) 1/4-20 Terminals 6" x 1 1/4" 3 lbs. $34.00
BS-2302 BusBar (20) 8-32 Terminals 9" x 1 1/4" 3 lbs. $40.00
BS-2301 BusBar (10) 8-32 Terminals 6" x 1 1/4" 3 lbs. $26.00
BS-3000 Switch HD On/Off Switch 4" x 4" 8 lbs. $120.00
BS-9003 Switch On/Off Switch 4" x 4" 5 lbs. $54.00
SB 95 Splicer Block 2 lbs. $20.00

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