Victron Battery Monitors

The Victron Battery Monitor systems have virtually identical functions as the old Link monitors, however the Victron's are provided with all of the wiring in a simple plug 'n' play format. This makes the Victron, the most complete and the easiest battery monitor to install of any available. The VBM-1 provides full battery readings for the house battery bank. The VBM-2 provides the same full battery readings for the house bank, plus an additionl voltage reading for the starting battery. At only 1.5" in depth, the VBM's fit perfectly in the tightest of installations. All VBM's will automatically adjust to read 12, 24 or 48 volt battery banks, and they will monitor up to 10,000 Amp/hours!

The VBM Provides All of These Functions:

  • Battery Bank Voltage
  • Amps In or Amps Out
  • Wattage Rating of Power In or Out
  • Amp/Hours Consumed
  • Percent of Charge
  • Time Remaining
  • And Much More!


Includes: Monitor, Shunt, Fuse, 25ft of cable, & our exclusive "Quick-Start Guide!"

See the diagram below, to see just how easy the monitor hookup is...



In addition to our Victron Battery Monitor product line, we now offer a complete line-up of "Power System Monitors" using the VBM's in various pre-packaged, panel mounted formats.

If you want a classy looking, "easy on the eyes" display of 2 Victron Battery Monitors in a professional panel mount design, check out the NEW "Power System Monitors".

See our POWER SYSTEM MONITORS under the BATTERY MONITOR heading of the left side, nav bar.

Description Dimensions Ship Wt. Price
VBM-1 1-Bank Victron Battery Monitor 2.5" x 1.5" 6 lbs. $179.00
VBM-2 2-Bank Victron Battery Monitor 2.5" x 1.5" 6 lbs. $249.00
Weatherproof PVC Box Mount For Damp Locations 4 x 4 x 2" 3 lbs. $49.00
Pre-Programming Monitor Programming Service $39.00


Typical Victron Battery Monitor System Hookup















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