Power System Monitor (PSM)


Your Monitor... Your Way!

Our new Power System Monitor (PSM), has been designed to accommodate a dual monitor setup, in a handsome, flush mounted format. Use the Power System Monitor to keep track of your battery power, of your solar power charging output - Or both! These unique layouts are a "mix and match" of Victron monitor formats, based on your specific needs. Simply choose the format that is right for you. The VBM-1, is the Victron battery monitor for 1 battery bank. The VBM-2, is the Victron battery monitor that provides full house battery bank information, plus a volatge reading for a starting battery. The VSM is the Victrom solar monitor, which is a remote display for any of the Victron MPPT solar controllers. Measuring just 5.75" x 3.75", the Power System Monitor is designed to be flush mounted & very simple to operate, providing you with all the power system information you need... At a glance!


Quite conveniently, we made the Power System Monitor to be a "drop-in" replacement, that fits the ugly cut-out left by the old and often failing, Link 2000 monitors !



We've put together our most popular Power System Monitor (PSM) formats below.

Other formats available - Please let us know if you have a need for a format, not shown.




Monitor #1 (Left) Monitor #2 (Right) Ship Wt. Price
PSM - A VBM-1 VBM-1 5 lbs. $439.00
PSM - B VBM-2 VBM-2 5 lbs. $589.00
PSM - C VBM-1 VSM 4 lbs. $359.00
PSM - D VBM-1 VBM-2 5 lbs. $499.00 Call for Quote
PSM - E VBM-2 VSM 4 lbs. $439.00
PSM - F VSM VSM 3 lbs. $299.00


PSM-C  This popular model includes one Victron Battery Monitor (VBM-1) providing full details on your house battery bank & one Victron Solar Monitor (VSM) to keep tabs on your solar power system & its performance. Once you use it, you'll wonder how you ever managed without it!   Easy to install and simple to use!




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