AGM - Deep Cycle

MK Absorbed Glass Mat Deep Cycle Batteries

MK AGMs have combined deep cycle and starting battery properties that outperform the competition. MK batteries are built by East Penn Manufacturing, the same company that built the original Prevailer gel battery that set the standard for the battery industry. If you compare the features, performance and cost of MK AGM batteries to those of other manufacturers, you'll quickly understand why MK AGMs have become the number one choice. 

Fastest charging, incredibly low self discharge, no water level checks, no spillage, no hydrometer usage, no burn holes in your jeans, no corrosion, no gassing, no battery box needed, they can be mounted on their side... AND THE LIST GOES ON !!!


  • - We offer MK AGM Batteries - The best AGM batteries built.
  • - Our prices are great - Check & Compare.
  • - Delivery to Commercial Addresses
  • - 1 Year Nationwide Warranty
  • - Free local spent battery disposal.


 Proudly designed & built in the USA !


A/Hours L x W x H Weight Price
MK-8A-U1 33 8.31 x 5.18 x 7.22" 25 lbs. $149.00
MK-8A-24 79 10.90 x 6.80 x 9.31" 54 lbs. $269.00
MK-8A-27 92 12.72 x 6.80 x 9.31" 64 lbs. $309.00
MK-8A-31 105 12.93 x 6.75 x 9.34 70 lbs. $369.00
MK-8A-4D 200 20.73 x 8.44 x 10.82" 130 lbs. $629.00
MK-8A-8D 245 21.03 x 11.00 x 10.82" 159 lbs. $759.00
MK-8A-GC2-6V 200 10.25 x 7.09 x 10.88" 70 lbs. $369.00
* All orders must ship to a commerical address
* Please bring us your spent core for free disposal and recycling


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