PowerMax Small Case

In combination with our PowerMax 2-step voltage regulator, or matched a smart multi-step regulator, you can be sure that your PowerMax alternator represents one of the most efficient methods of charging your batteries. With 5-6 times more charging power than standard alternators, a PowerMax provides reduced engine running time which will save on fuel consumption, noise, heat and main engine wear and tear. And since the Powermax is designed to produce high charging current at low engine RPM, your batteries will get a fast, healthy charge even when the engine is idling. This combination is perfect for sailboats charging batteries while anchored or moored.

The Powermax 125 is by far, our most popular selling Powermax. The main reason for this is because it has the highest output at the lowest engine speed. This means you'll charge faster, at idle, with less engine running time with this PowerMax.

All PowerMax Alternators, except the LTS, require an external regulator to operate. See the External Regulators page for more information.

All PowerMax Alternators, except the LTS, come with your choice of a single or a dual pulley.

Use the saddle mount shown at left, for Yanmar and many Westerbeke and Volvo-Penta engines.


Proudly designed & built in the USA !


Options Info Voltage Options Price
PM 80 Step 1 80A 12V $479.00
PM 100 Step 1 100A 12V $499.00
PM 125 Step 1 125A 12V $519.00
PM 150 Step 1 150A 12V $539.00
PM 75/24 Step 1 75A 24V $589.00
1" Mount Step 2 Mount 1" Foot N/A
2" Mount Step 2 Mount 2" Foot N/A
Saddle Step 2 Mount Dual Foot N/A
3/8" Step 3 Pulley 3/8" N/A
7/16" Step 3 Pulley 7/16" N/A
1/2" Step 3 Pulley 1/2" N/A
- N/A
PMax Reg/Har PMax Reg w/Harness 12v $159.00
PM Iso Gnd Isolated Ground Option $50.00

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