External Regulators

Balmar Max Charge 618-H

The Max Charge 618 is the latest advanced microprocessor based smart regulator system from Balmar, designed for use with all PowerMax externally controlled alternators. The Max Charge has seven user-selectable, multi-voltage and variable charge time programs to accommodate all battery types, including LiFeP04. Simple "out of the box" hookup with magnetic reed switch adjustments. Features an automatic absorption time program and LCD display. Battery and alternator temp sensors are available options.

The Max Charge MC-612DH is a dual alternator, smart regulator version of the Max Charge. Now you can control 2 high output alternators from the same smart regulator system for substantially less cost than purchasing 2 separate regulator systems.


PowerMax Basic Regulator

The PowerMax Basic Regulator is a reliable regulator for those not needing the sophistication of a smart regulator. It is fully adjustable for all battery types, and can serve as a great backup or "get home" regulator in the event of a smart regulator failure. Simple plug 'n' play hookup to your Powermax alternator.



Spike Stop

The Spike Stop protects the alternator diodes or the alternator regulator from damaging voltage spikes when someone accidentally turns the selector switch "off" while the engine is running. The Spike Stop is also very effective against lightning and transient voltage spikes. Think of the Spike Stop as cheap insurance to protect an expensive alternator or regulator & you'll instantly justify its minimal cost! Incredibly easy hookup - The Spike Stop simply "hangs " on the output and ground stud on the back of the alternator.


 Proudly designed & built in the USA!


Details Dimensions Ship Wgt. Price
MC 618H, 12V 12V Smart Reg & Harness 5" x 3" x 1.5" 4 lbs. $369.00
MC-612DH-12V 12V Smart Dual Reg & Harness 5" x 3" x 1.5" 6 lbs. $429.00
MC 624H, 24V 24V Smart Reg & Harness 5" x 3" x 1.5" 4 lbs. $439.00
MC-ATS 12/24V Max Chg Alt Temp Sensor 4 ft. 1 lb. $45.00
MC-BTS 12/24V Max Chg Battery Temp Sensor 20 ft. 1 lb. $55.00
PMax Reg/Har, 12V 12V PMax Regulator & Harness 4" x 3" x 1.5" 4 lbs. $159.00
PMax Reg, 12V 12V PMax Regulator Only 4" x 3" x 1.5" 4 lbs. $119.00
Spike Stop 12V Surge Suppressor 1 lb. $29.00

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