Accessories & Spares

PowerMax Cruising Spares Kits 

All the common parts you will need for a rebuild while underway: Brushes, bearings, and replacement heavy duty diodes.


PowerMax Brush & Bearing Kits

Since brushes and bearings are the normally wearing parts of an alternator, having these spares on hand allows you to fix problems fast, wherever your travels may take you.




Powermax Basic Regulators

We offer the Powermax basic regulator as a spare or replacement part, both with & without a wiring harness.



Universal Tensioner Arm

Our 12" Universal Tensioner Arm provides greater flexibility for attachment in non-standard installations. The arm can easily be cut and re-drilled to acommodate many needs.



Output & Ground Cables

When upgrading to a PowerMax High-Output Alternator, you must be sure to replace your output and ground cables to heavier gauge cable capable of handling higher amperage. Our investment in the proper tooling allows us to quickly make professional quality cables for your PowerMax Alternator. Call us & provide us with the gauge of the cables you need along with the lengths, and we'll promptly build them for you.



Powermax Replacement Component Parts

We also offer a number of replacement Powermax alternator parts to make certain that your Powermax will always be performing to its full potential. You'll find many of the popular Powermax replacement parts listed below.



Spike Stop

The Spike Stop protects the alternator diodes or the alternator regulator from damaging voltage spikes when someone accidentally turns the selector switch "off" while the engine is running. The Spike Stop is also very effective against lightning and transient voltage spikes. Think of the Spike Stop as cheap insurance to protect an expensive alternator or regulator & you'll instantly justify its minimal cost! Easy hookup - The Spike Stop simply "hangs " on the output and ground stud on the back of the alternator.

Details Ship Wgt. Price
PMax Cruising Spares For 80/100/125/150 12V 4 lbs. $129.00
Tensioner Arm PMax Universal Tensioner-12" 3 lbs. $39.00
PMax Stator-80-150 For PMax 80/100/125 12V 6 lbs. $249.00
PMax Rotor-80-150 For PMax 80/100/125/150 12V 7 lbs. $189.00
PMax D-Pulley 3/8, 7/16 or 1/2" Dual Pulley 5 lbs. $69.00
PMax S-Pulley 3/8, 7/16 or 1/2" Single Pulley 5 lbs. $49.00
PMax LC B&B For 160/200/12V & 135/24V 4 lbs. $99.00
PMax SC B&B For 80/100/125/150 4 lbs. $69.00
PMax SC Rear Assy Rear, Bearing, Diodes, Brushes 4 lbs. $159.00
PMax Reg, 12V PMax Reg. Only 4 lbs. $119.00
PMax Reg/Har, 12V PMax Reg./Harness 6 lbs. $159.00
PMax CS 160-200 For 160/200 12V 4 lbs. $139.00
Spike Stop Surge Supressor 1 lbs. $29.00
UBB Arm Balmar UBB 4 lbs. $89.00

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