Solar Power

Charging with Solar Panels

Solar panels create electricity directly from sunlight with no noise or moving parts, and they keep on doing so reliably year after year! Single or multiple solar panels are connected to a battery bank through a charge controller. The charge controllers main function is to protect the batteries from overcharging. Solar panels work well alone or combined with wind & water-powered generators.

Today's solar panels are available in a variety of styles for different applications. Selecting the proper type of solar panel for your need is very important, and also very easy to do.

In most cases a Solar Charge Control is required to prevent battery overcharging. The charge control is the logic for the solar panel. It tells the panel when to charge and when to stop, based on the battery charge level. The solar control also contains reverse current leakage protection, preventing battery discharge at night.

Typical Applications:

  • Marine Charging Systems
  • Off-Grid & Remote Homes
  • Grid Tie Applications
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Vacation Homes/Cabins
  • Communication sites
  • Developing Nations

Flexible Solar Panels:  SolarFlexx

Designed for permanent, temporary or portable battery charging, these panels find themselves useful for varied applications on boats, cars, RV’s, planes, remote cabins and more. The panels are extremely lightweight and can flex up to 30 degrees making them ideal for dodger or bimini mount installations on board a boat.


Standard Solar Panels:  F-Series

The most common and the most economical style of panel. Made with a durable tempered glass front and supported by a rigid aluminum framework. They are commonly used for residential roof top installations, marine battery charging needs, off grid and island homes and anywhere a dependable source of charging power is needed. Standard solar panels also have the longest warranty, (up to 25 years in many cases), in the industry.

Since finding the perfect spot for mounting a solar panel on board a boat is often a challenge, we offer a number of unique solar mounting options & the bracketing to accomodate the panels we offer. From rail & davit mounting to mounting a panel between two stanchions, to bimini & dodger mounting, we offer a mounting arrangement for almost any need.


Walk-On Solar Panels:  Lite Series

These panels have a polymer front and a stainless steel backing without the rigid framework. Because the panels are only 1/8" thick, they can be walked on without damage and are perfect for deck or cabin top mounting on board a boat. They are available in a popular 10 watt and a 30 watt size. Because they are so easy to handle & move about, they serve equally well as a permanent or as a portable charging source.



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