The heart of any power system is the battery bank & its ability to store & deliver power as needed. Today’s popular batteries are the AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries, and liquid lead acid batteries. Many users are turning to MK AGM’s due to their “no maintenance” and long life aspects. No maintenance means, no water level checks, no spillage, no gassing and as a result, no corrosion on the battery terminals or cables. Since they’re sealed, you can install them on their side without fear of spillage and they don’t need a battery box. And, MK AGM's are great "dual purpose" batteries, meaning they serve beuatifully in both starting and deep cycle applications!


Another popular option are liquid lead acid batteries. Provided you are willing to do the routine, periodic maintenance, good quality liquid lead acid batteries represent a great value for the dollars invested.


AGM batteries have plates & separators that are so densely packed, the battery has greater vibration protection than others on the market. Likewise, this same dense packing offers a lower internal resistance which means faster recharging. AGMs also have an ultra-low self-discharge rate that allows for over-the-winter storage with only a minimal power loss.

5 Reasons To Buy Your Next Batteries From Hamilton Ferris Co:

  • Great Prices!
  • Free Nationwide Delivery on AGMs
  • Free Delivery on Liquid Lead Acid Batteries from ME to VA.
  • 1 Year Nationwide Warranty
  • Free Local Spent Battery Disposal

MK Small Deep Cycle AGM Batteries

In addition to our larger size AGM battery line-up, we now offer several MK Small Deep Cycle AGM’s for specialty power needs. From 5 to 18 A/Hrs, these MK AGM’s are perfect for small solar projects, Research & Development, experimental, hobby, demonstration and educational purposes.

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