Solar Controllers

 Why do I need a solar charge control?


The principal function of the solar charge control is to provide the proper charge to the batteries, and prevent the batteries from becoming overcharged.

Think of the solar charge control as the logic for the solar panel or solar array. On their own, solar panels do not know and do not care when your battery(s) are fully charged. That task is left to the charge control. Decisions as to the proper charge rate and length of charge time are all made by the charge control.

All of the charge controls we offer contain reverse leakage protection, which prevents the battery(s) from discharging back through the solar panel(s) at night.

So the simple answer to the question is - You need a solar charge control to prevent the unnecessary overcharge & subsequent damage to your expensive batteries!


How to choose a solar charge control?

The most important job of all solar-charge controllers is to properly charge the batteries. This keeps your Lights on, cell phone charging, refrigeration running, and likely help to extend the life of your batteries. There are two types of charge controllers:

PWM - Pulse width modulation

MPPT - Maximum power point tracking

The difference between these two types of controllers comes down to efficiency and cost. The MPPT controller while more expensive can provide up to 30% more power buy converting excess voltage into charging current. Today’s solar panels, such as the F-Series, can produce up to 19 volts while most AGM batteries only require 14.4 volts to charge. PWM style controllers are unable to take advantage of your panel’s excess voltage but are typically less expensive. PWM controllers are ideal for small or single panel systems with options starting at $49




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