Rail Mounts

Solar Rail Mount ClampsSolar Rail Mount Clamps

Perfect for mounting solar panels in rail mount, davit mount or "over the bimini" mount installations.These versatile, heavy duty rail mount clamps attach to a variety of rail sizes, by simply tightening the thumb screw. The quick release design allows fast, easy removal for storage. Fits 3/4", 1" & 1-1/4" rails. Sold in pairs & includes stainless mounting hardware.



Solar Rail Mount Kit

Ferris Solar Rail-Mount Clamp Kit

This semi-custom kit attaches your solar panel to any boat rail in seconds. Each kit includes sturdy, yet light weight aluminum mounting bars available in 21-5/8" or 26-1/2"  lengths specifically designed for most solar panels, a set of rail mount clamps, and all the necessary stainless steel hardware to mount one solar panel. Custom length kits available please call for details. Stock kits require drilling bar end mounting holes to match your specific panel.

XHD Option includes 3-Bars and 3-Rail Mount Clamps, ideal for panels 85 watts and larger.

Have an junction box on your panel? Purchase our Clamp Extenders to ensure the perfect fit.


Proudly designed & built in the USA !

More info and photos below 
Description Ship Wgt. Price
RMC Set of 2 Clamps 4 lbs. $49.00
Clamp Extenders Set of 2 composite spacers for RMC and SRM kits 1 lbs. $12.00
21" SRM Kit 21-5/8" 2-Bar Solar Rail Mount Kit 6 lbs. $109.00
26" SRM Kit 26-1/2" 2-Bar Solar Rail Mount Kit 6 lbs. $109.00
21" SRM-XHD 21-5/8" 3-Bar Solar Rail Mount Kit 12 lbs. $159.00
26" SRM-XHD 26-1/2" 3-Bar Solar Rail Mount Kit 12 lbs. $159.00
SRM Kit Custom Ferris Solar Rail Mount Kit 12 lbs. N/A Call for Quote
Solar Bumper Set of 4 Solar Panel Bumpers 4 LBS $9.95

Solar Rail Mount Clamp Kit

1. Simply trace your panels perimeter mounting holes onto the aluminum mounting bars

2. Drill your marked holes on the supplied aluminum mounting bars

3. Mount your solar panel with the included hardware.

~For panels over 85 watts, use the SRM-XHD, 3 bar and 3 clamp mount set.


For solar panels with large junction boxes additional clearance for your rail may be required. Add our Clamp Extenders to your order to ensure proper fit.  


10W Panel shown with Ferris Solar Rail Mount attached to Ferris Stanchion to Stanchion Mount






Solar Bumpers installed

Protect your toes!!! Solar Bumpers!!!

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