Solar Lighting Packages


The SLP packages are totally self contained, pre-wired, solar powered lighting systems that are simple to install. Designed for the homeowner to install, just attach the enclosure to an interior wall and the LED tube light to a rafter. Mount the solar panel on the roof facing south... And you're done!

No more fumbling around in the dark when trying to access your shed or outbuilding at night! The SLP is a reliable way to get high quality lighting for your shed, gazebo, horse stall or outbuilding, without paying the high cost of having an electrician do the job!


The SLP uses a single LED tube light and a 5 watt solar panel to recharge the battery. It is perfect for most buildings in the 8 x 10' range and provides up to a full 12 hours of lighting. Personally, that's far more time than I want to spend in my shed! Compact size combined with simple installation, make the SLP a favorite.


The SLP-PLUS uses 1 or optionally 2 LED tube lights for greater area lighting or for use in larger buildings up to 10 x 16', and with a larger battery, this model will provide longer lighting time. The SLP PLUS offers other options such as an outdoor flood light as well. Greater versatility, longer lighting time and more convenient options are all part of the SLP PLUS package!


The top-of-the-line in the SLP lineup! The SLP-INDUSTRIAL uses an industrial built NEMA-4 enclosure designed for harsh environments, comes standard with 2 LED tube lights, and an oversized sealed AGM battery. It's larger 10 watt solar panel ensures a fast, full battery charge. Designed for the most demanding lighting applications and for larger areas up to 14 X 16'.




The Solar Pole Mount (SLP-SPM) option is a unique pole mount design that allows the solar panel to be pole mounted, vs roof mounted. This can greatly increase the solar power output and the battery recharging time. Perfect for applications where the building roof does not have the proper southern facing exposure. The SLP-SPM allows the solar panel to be oriented directly towards the sun for the maximum charging output. For all models.


An optional remote on/off switch (SLP-RS) is available so you can locate the on, off switch to a convenient wall mounted location. For all models.


This is an outdoor spot light option (SLP-OSL). Perfect for area lighting outside of the shed or outbuilding where the Solar Lighting Package is installed. The hookup is very simple: Just mount the OSL on the outside of the building facing the area that you want to illuminate. The OSL comes with the wire for easy attachment to the SLP enclosure. Next you make 2 simple wiring connections to the terminal strip inside the enclosure. That's all there is to it. Like all of these products, the Outdoor Spot Light uses a very efficient LED and draws only 1/4 of an amp, so system power draw is minimal. The LED head is fully adjustable and can be oriented in any direction you choose. The light fixture is powder coated aluminum and is weather sealed to provide many years of dependable lighting service. For SLP PLUS & IND only.


The Solar Panel Upgrade (SLP-SPU) is the upgrade to a 10 watt solar panel vs the standard 5 watt model. This upgrade provides double the recharging capability so that the system battery will be charged much faster. Perfect for heavy lighting users. For SLP & SLP-PLUS models.


A second LED tube light for increased lighting for larger areas. For SLP PLUS only.


A replacement 5 A/Hr battery for the Solar Lighting Package, SLP model.


A replacement 7 A/Hr battery for the Solar Lighting Package, SLP-PLUS model.


A replacement 18 A/Hr battery for the Solar Lighting Package, SLP- INDUSTRIAL model.


Proudly designed & built in the USA !



Description Solar Panel Dims Enclosure Dims Ship Wt. Price
SLP 1 LED Tube / 5AH Battery 5W, 10 x 10" 6 x 6 x 4" 20 lbs $369.00
SLP-PLUS 1 LED Tube / 7AH Battery 5W, 10 X 10" 8 x 8 x 4" 26 lbs $429.00
SLP-IND 2 LED Tubes / 18AH Battery 10W, 12 x 14" 10 x 12 x 6" 45 lbs $749.00
SLP BATTERY 5AH Repl Battery 10 lbs $29.00
SLP-PLUS BATTERY 7AH Repl Battery 12 lbs $35.00
SLP-IND BATTERY 18AH Repl Battery 25 lbs $79.00
SLP-SPM Solar Pole Mount 30" Pole 8 lbs $89.00
SLP-OSL Outdoor Spot Lights 4 lbs $109.00
SLP-SPU Solar Panel Upgrade 10W, 17 x 11" 4 lbs $69.00
SLP-TL LED Tube Light 4 lbs $99.00

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