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Remarks, Size, Output Condition Ship Wt Price
B/O Xantrex Freedom HF 1000 1000w Inverter, 20A Chgr NEW 14 lbs $325.00
B/O Go Power 600 SW Inverter Sine Wave, 24V New 14 lbs $329.00
B/O 12/3 AC Marine Boat Cable 900 Ft, 12/3 AC Wire New Local Pickup $599.00
B/O SMR - Solar Monitor & Regulator - 10A 10A, 12V w/ meter Used 5 lbs $99.00
B/O Sure Power 95-2 Isolator 95A, 2 bank New 5 lbs $55.00
B/O Newmar 165-3 Isolator 165A, 12V, 3 bank Used 8 lbs $90.00
B/O ASL Solar 110W Solar Panel 32.5 X 62.5" New Local Pick Up $199.00
B/O Hi/Low Volt Alarm New 2 lbs $39.00
B/O CSI DMR-30T Digital Multimeter New 3 lbs $20.00
B/O PB250 Solar Controller 25A, 100V MPPT NEW 5 lbs $189.00
B/O PowerFilm 14 Roll Up, 14w Opened Box 5 lbs. $149.00

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