Packaged Systems

A PowerMax Packaged System bundles the best possible components together, for a robust and complete power system... All at a discounted price!

System Components:                           

  • PowerMax Alternator
  • Max Charge Smart Regulator
  • 0-150 Amp DC Ammeter
  • Echo-Charge
  • Spike Stop Surge Protector
  • One Year Warranty




Proudly designed & built in the USA !


Description Mounting Foot Ship Wt Price
System PM-80, 12V 80 Amp Alternator 1 ft. 28 lbs. $949.00
System PM-100, 12V 100 Amp Alternator 1 ft. 28 lbs. $959.00
System PM-125, 12V 125 Amp Alternator 1 ft. 28 lbs. $979.00
System PM-150, 12V 150 Amp Alternator 1 ft. 28 lbs. $999.00
System PM-75, 24V 75 Amp Alternator 1 ft. 28 lbs. $1089.00
Saddle Mount Option $40.00

Typical PowerMax Alternator System Diagram


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