Wind Power

Many people are turning to wind power as a cost effective way to produce electricity. Whether it is power for battery charging on board your boat, power for your remote island paradise, or power for general off-grid living, we offer wind generators for virtually any application. 

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Todays wind generators are very efficient at converting the power of the wind into electricity. On board a boat, they work well in hybrid systems that include solar panels and water powered generators. They are especially well suited for satisfying large loads such as refrigeration, inverters, and water makers.


The rugged Ferris WindPower 200 has a host of advantages over other models on the market. The WP-200 Wind Systems deliver high charging power in relatively low wind speeds. They start in a 5-knot breeze, and provide QUIET operation even in high winds. Unattended, fully automatic operation is achieved with our Overspeed Governor and Multi-Source Regulator. The WindPower 200 easily converts to a Water Powered Generator for long ocean passages. The WP-200 Wind Generator can be used on its own or in combination with other charging sources such as a High Output Alternator, a Solar Power System or a Gen-Set.


AIR Breeze MARINE & AIR 40

The Air Breeze-Marine is the latest design in the popular Air series. It is compact and lightweight and uses a 45” diameter, 3 blade propeller. It has slip rings, providing full wind seeking ability and is typically pole mounted on the aft deck of a boat or on a pole near a home. The unit boasts high output & quiet operation! The Air 40 model is the land based version with the same power output.



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